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This is the user manual for MenuCreatorPro version 2.0 and higher.



1.1 Serial

The serial field is used to verify that you have a valid license of MenuCreatorPro. Upon purchasing the product from or from one of our partners, you will be provided a serial number that you need to enter in this field. Format Example : 43E7EDA6676886E8EFA98D468A59B Unless a valid serial number is entered, the checkout will display a "Please enter a valid serial" message.

1.2 Activate MenuCreatorPro

Once License key is actived, MenuCreatorPro full version with all functions and featured will be ready to use for your site. Let start research How to control your store navigation follow these Menu Types.

Menu Group Manager

Menu Group Type

On current version 2.0, MenuCreatorPro will support some main menu type. They are most popular of menus layout in design.

- Dropdown

- Sidebar

- Accordion

The Responsive menu type will be set up as default for every menu group type.


Of course, you can customize to match with your design.

Add New Menu Group Type

Add new Group

Embed a Menu Group

By create new group menu, you will got script to embed the group to any position of magento site.(See the picture below).


Add New Nenu Item

Right Panel: Editor Area

First Tab: Details fields

Menu Item Types
Menu type.png

Top Url Type:

+ CMS Page: Get the link to a CMS page from the dropdown of CMS pages. Example:

CMS Pages

+ Category Page: Get the link to a Category page from a dropdown of Categories pages.

  • The option Auto Show Sub Categories: if Yes, all the sub categories of the current selected category page will auto appeared as sub categories. Example:

+ Static Block: Setup the sub content of this current Item(menu level 0) by a Static Block content from the list of Static Blocks.

By using Static Block url type, you can embed any HTML content, Module, Images, ...( example Contact Us form and Login Form in demo)

Static Block Content

+ Special Product: Get the link to a special Product Details page by adding the Product Id and then change the Menu Title to Product Title.

Special Product by ID

+ Custom URL: Adding an External url by syntax: or Inner page of magento site by syntax your_inner_page.html (without http:// )

Custom Link

+ Alias: The link will be replace by '#' character. Like this


+ Seperator Line: to create a seperator line, no link


+ Most used links: these are links for customer profile page and checkout url, shopping cart url.

Most used links
Menu Title

The title of menu item that will display in the menu.

Menu Title

Set publication status.

Published/Unpublished this Item
Assign Menu Group

Select which group of menu will appear in.


Once a Menu Group selected, all the menu items in this group will be show in Parent items. So you can select a parent item for it.


Parent Item
Visible on

Assign the menu item into a special store or all Store views.

Assign to a special store or All store
Sub Column Layout

Select sub menu items column layout.

Sub Column Layout

The Sub Column Layout ONLY display if the Parent item is root or first level of Menu Group.

These are 7 options for the sub column layout:

Sub Columns

+ No Sub.

+ 1 column:

*Menu Level 1: class = sub_one, width = 200px.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w1, width = 178px.

+ 2 column:

*Menu Level 1: class = sub_two, width = 360px.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w2, width = 356px.

+ 3 column: *Menu Level 1: class = sub_three, width = 540px.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w3, width = 534px.

+ 4 column:

*Menu Level 1: class = sub_four, width = 720px.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w4, width = 712px.

+ 5 column: *Menu Level 1: class = sub_five, width = 900px.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w5, width = 890px.

+ Full:

*Menu Level 1: class = sub_full, width = 100%.

*Menu Next Level: class = s_w0, width = 100%.

Of cource, developer can change the default width to match with the design.

Hide Sub Header Title: The option allow hide sub header title of sub menu content.

Second Tab: Advanced Options

Advanced Options
Access Permission

The access ctomer group that allowed to view this item.


+ Public: The Item is always available for everyone.

+ Registered: Only available for a customer registered and logged in.

+ NOT LOGGED IN: Available for guest only. It will disappear when user is logged.

+ General, Whosale, Retailer, QAAAA ... these are special groups.

Target Window

Target browser window when item is clicked.Default value is Parent Window.

Icon Class

Collection of Icons by Glyphicons with over 140 icons in sprite form, available in dark gray(default) and white.

Just enter the code of icon class from Icons Library if you want to use these free icons.

You can also enter a custom CSS class to use your own icons or Upload Icon.

Upload Icon

Upload small image will replace exist Icon Class.

Show/Hide Icon

Show/Hide the Icon on frontend.

Manage Menu Items In A Group of menus

Drag and Drop

- Drag and Drop to order menu items in a Menu Group

Drag and Drop to order Items

or assign to another menu group:

Assign item to other Menu Group

Add Submenu

Normal way, you can add sub menu item by select Parent Item in Editor area.

Fast way, by using the float Add New button when mouse over on an Item, you can easy to create sub menu item.

See picture below:

Add Sub Menu

Delete an menu Item

Quick Delete Item with Alert Confirm

Saved the order change

Hint: Use Ctrl+z to undo a mistake! before saved your changes. After finished the order changes, you must Save Tree Menu to saved your ordered.

Ctrl + Z to undo a mistake before saved your changes

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