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MenuCreatorPro(MCP) Wiki

This wiki is your resource for anything related to MenuCreatorPro(MCP) - Great Magento Menu Manager Extension.

Here you will always find an up-to-date installation-, upgrade- and customization-guides, as well as answers to common questions and problems.

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If you have read through the entire wiki and can't find a solution to your problem, please contact us by using the details provided on our support page

Latest Version

June 18: Update to MCP Version 2.1.0 - SPEED UP

MCP 2.1.0 update:

- Speed up loading time.

-Js conflict after merge had solved.

-Working with secure url in backend

-Support auto show sub in level 2

Note: After add or delete menu item as category menu type, please go to System->Menupro Setting tab and then press "Refresh" button to refresh all menu item.

Latest version April 30, 2013: 2.0.0

Updated some new feature: May 09,2013

New features:

- Allow enable/disable responsive feature from backend

- Auto update menu title whenever category's name changed.

- Allow change title of menu not same as category name if needed.

Modified :

1, Add new file called:

mysql4-upgrade-1.0.2-1.0.3.php in app/code/local/MST/Menupro/sql/menupro_setup/

2, Modified files:

  • Backend

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/Block/Menu.php

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/etc/config.xml

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/etc/system.xml

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/controllers/Adminhtml/GridController.php

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/controllers/Adminhtml/MenuproController.php

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/Helper/Data.php

- app/code/local/MST/Menupro/Model/Sitemap.php


  • Frontend

- Modified all folder: app/design/default/default/template/menupro

- skin/frontend/default/default/menupro/css/menucreatorpro.css

  • JS

- Modified js file: js/menupro/mst.js


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